"My Dark Side Part 3"


Dragon Duelers Road To Destiny

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Release Date

January 3, 2013


Casey Stroud


Corey Bryant


5.89 Million

"My Dark Side Part 3" is the 117th episode Dragon Duelers: Road To Destiny. It features Casey Stroud as director and Corey Bryant is writer. This is the first episode of Dragon Duelers in 2013.


Leanne has No.16 Aphodidus on the field while the Grimm Reaper disguised as Corey has No.3X102 TriCifer DiThreat on the field. Leanne tells Corey to reveal his true self as she doesn't believe that is Corey. Leanne further explains that Corey is compassionate and wouldn't be trying to beat her, but help her. The Grimm Reaper changes back and congratulates Leanne on beating the illusion. He says that she still has to win the duel to return to life.

Back on Earth, Corey in fury begins his duel with Denise, who in Episode 115 killed Leanne by smothering her. Corey, in his rage and anger forgot that he doesn't even have his Serpent deck on him, but he instead has a dinosaur deck to use. Denise mocks him in his recklessness, which only makes him more angry. Corey starts by fury summoning 5 dinosaurs, only to use them in 2 super summons. Denise makes her move by activating "Rise of the Pit Vipers," and summons 2 vipers, which turn into 4 and a quick summon of King Cobra allows her to Super Summon her ace monster, No.30 Vespusius Cobra. Denise wipes Corey's field out, and Corey finally calms down and decides that he needs to focus if he's going to win this duel.

In Purgatory, Leanne tells the Grimm Reaper she's going to win, and The Grimm Reaper re-assures her that she is not. Leanne ends her turn with a face-down. The Grimm Reaper begins to make his move by attacking and winning, but Leanne uses the Fatal Blow ability card, which stops all attacks for one turn. The Grimm Reaper ends his turn, and Leanne draws her last card, she activates Arc to Infinity which allows her to summon a new form of Aphodidus. Infinidis. She attacks No.3X102 and wins the duel. The Grimm Reaper congratulates her and slashes her with his scythe, sending her back into her body on Earth.

Featured Duels: Leanne Stevens vs The Grimm Reaper and Corey Bryant vs Denise StevensEdit

Leanne vs Grimm Reaper

Leanne's turn continued from Previous Episode

Field: No.16 Aphodidus (5000/5000)

Sets 1 card and ends her turn

Grimm Reapers turn Attacks with No.3X102 but Leanne activates Fatal blow negating the attack

Leanne's turn Activates Arc to Infinity, ranking up Aphodidus into Infinidus (INF/INF) Attacks No.3X102

Grimm Reaper: 10,000->0

Leanne Wins

Corey vs Denise

Corey's turn

Activates Call of the fossils, which lets him summon all the dinosaur monsters from his hand but their PWR and SHLD become 0.

Summons Sky top Ptera (0/0)

Summons Sea Stealth Shoni (0/0)

Summons Big Dino (0/0)

Summons Black Stego (0/0)

Activates Sea Stelth Shoni's effect which lets him summon 1 dinosaur from his deck but its PWR and SHLD become 0.

Summons Poison King Plesio (0/0)

Uses Sky top Ptera, Sea Stealth Shoni, and Posion King Plesio to super Summon Chained T-Rex Dino Master (4600/2000)

Uses Big Dino and Black Stego to super summon Ancient Venom King - Spino (3000/3000)

Denise's Turn

Activates Rise of the pit vipers which lets her summon up to 2 vipers per turn.

Summons Twin Born Anaconda (2500/1600)

Summons Twin Anaconda (2000/1400)

Activates Twin Born Anaconda's effect, summoning a Anaconda token (0/0)

Activates Twin Anaconda's effect, cutting it's PWR and SHLD in half to summon a Twin Anaconda Token (1000/700)

Summons King Cobra (1400/1200) normally without Rise of the Pit Viper's effect

Uses all 5 vipers to super summon No.62 Vespusius Cobra (3000/1200)

Activates the Venom Poison ability card which lets her destroy all the monsters in the field as long as No.62's PWR is cut in half (3000->1500)

Attacks Corey directly 

Corey: (10,000->8500)

Duel Continues in the Next Episode 

Featured CardsEdit

Corey Bryant



Sky Top Ptera

Call of the Fossils

Sea Stealth Shoni

Big Dino

Black Stego

Poison King Pleiso

Chained T-Rex Dino Master

Ancient Venom King - Spino

Denise Stevens



Twin Born Anaconda

Rise of the Pit Vipers

Twin Anaconda

Venom Poison

King Cobra

No.62 Vespusius Cobra

Leanne Stevens



No.16 Aphodidus

Arc to Infinity


Fatal Blow



No.3X102 TriCifer DiThreat