Dragon Duelers Trading Card Game

First Set Release Date

March 23, 2008

First Set Name

Legend Of The Dragon

Most Recent Set Release

November 6, 2012

Most Recent Set

Duelists Collection: Brendan 3

The following is a list of every set of cards released in the Trading Card Game: Dragon Duelers.

Set Name Release Date Cover Card
Legend Of The Dragon March 6, 2008 Triple Threat, Deathos, and Astrid
Rise Of Chaos March 30, 2008 Duel Seal Of Banishment
Dark Shadows May 2, 2008 Chains Of Sorrow
Tournament of Legends June 6, 2008 Excedra Threat, LavaLord Astrid, Final Deathos
Duelist Collection: Corey June 18, 2008 Excedra Threat
Duelist Collection: Brendan  June 28, 2008 Final Deathos
Duelist Collection: William July 3, 2008 LavaLord Astrid